September 2019

Let’s look at love for a moment


Let’s look at love for a moment. The reason why I would like to have a chat with you about this is because love is ever present in our lives, be it in intimate relationships, friends, family, cats, dogs, our job, you name it. Without a feeling of love we would feel lost and [...]

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October 2017

​Atheism and theism; two sides of the same coin


I recently came across this Facebook video shared by Joshua Feuerstein that has attracted more than 1.5 million views and which shows to apparent atheist, by method of elimination, the existence of God. Contrary to popular belief, and surely something that will ruffle some feathers among the die-hard atheists, I feel that just like [...]

​Atheism and theism; two sides of the same coin2017-10-27T20:09:41+01:00

July 2017

What The Health?


Recently a documentary called "What The Health" was released. As some of my friends highly recommended it, I started watching it. Unfortunately (after having seen pretty much all health related documentaries that have come out since 15 years) it didn't take long for me to find out that this one carries an agenda and [...]

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April 2017

What is True?


People have different opinions. These opinions are purely based on thought and we take these thoughts to carry real value. The opportunity to look within ourselves arises when one starts to believe that his/her own thoughts are worth more than the other person's. And this creates in itself a double whammy. Because now one [...]

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February 2017

Would you always WANT to be happy?


Part of the earthly job title I have given myself in my work is ‘Happiness Coach’. This title may make you believe that I'm here to help you erase all sadness in your life so you can experience life in a state of total happiness, 24/7. But this isn’t the case, not at all. [...]

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January 2017

Do you ever feel like you want to disappear?


Do you ever feel like you would want to 'disappear'? Not in a suicidal way (...) but just vanish for a little while. Get away. Retreat. Switch off? Does that sound familiar? If so, have you ever wondered what it truly is you want to get away from? This feeling of wanting to vanish [...]

Do you ever feel like you want to disappear?2017-07-05T17:54:46+01:00

Get your life in order! You have responsibilities.


A perfectly normal human emotion is the imagined need for ourself, or the wish for others such as our partner, to be in control of life, to have/get life in order, to have life go the way you want it. Most of the time this desire makes us believe that we should have a [...]

Get your life in order! You have responsibilities.2017-07-05T17:54:56+01:00

December 2016

The Ultimate Mindfuck


The source of all human suffering is the non-acceptance of what is, as we label things and situations, as good or bad. Fighting the flow of life believing we can do better than what life offers, means we believe we are separate from life. Like it's us vs life and what is, needs to [...]

The Ultimate Mindfuck2017-07-05T17:55:03+01:00

October 2016

​Everything happens for a reason… Truth or spiritual pacifier?


An often heard phrase is "Everything happens for a reason" when you feel a certain event happens to you and you're trying to explain why this may have happened. Oftentimes it's followed with an explanation as to why the Universe let this particular thing happen to you and what lessons could be learned from [...]

​Everything happens for a reason… Truth or spiritual pacifier?2017-07-05T17:55:10+01:00